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Custom Made Champagne Wine Tour


Experience the timeless elegance of the French region in a Custom Made Champagne Tour, where every sip of sparkling wine tells a story of luxury and tradition. With landscapes characterized by their undulating terrain, shaped by generations of dedicated local vintners, the vineyards of Champagne spread across numerous French regions. Each area contributes to the diversity of grape varieties, focusing on specific types based on their unique terroirs. This dedication to high-quality viticulture ensures that the Champagne region remains synonymous with excellence.

Reims: The Historic Heart of Champagne

Your journey begins in Reims, the heart of this enchanting region, where the majestic cathedral stands as a testament to centuries of history intertwined with champagne-making. Easily accessible from Paris, this city serves not only as a starting point but as part of the sparkling wine adventure. 

This city is home to many renowned champagne houses, including Veuve Clicquot and Ruinart, with several sites designated as UNESCO World Heritage. Wander through the historic cellars of Champagne G.H. Martel and Domaine de Pommery, immersing yourself in the innovative techniques and exclusive tastings that define these prestigious producers.

Champagne Grand Cru Villages

From Reims, venture to Aÿ, renowned for its exceptional Grand Cru vineyards, and discover the essence of Champagne’s viticultural excellence. Enjoy tastings at esteemed champagne houses, each sip a testament to Aÿ’s rich winemaking history and dedication to quality.

At Champagne Henri Giraud in Aÿ, delve deeper into the artistry behind their premium champagnes. Experience private tours of their cellars and vineyards, where sustainable practices and innovative techniques shape their distinctive flavors. Conclude your journey with an exclusive tasting of Champagne Henri Giraud’s exquisite creations, embodying the epitome of Aÿ’s winemaking heritage.

Luxury In Champagne 

Continue your exploration in Épernay, a city surrounded by lush vineyards and a true embodiment of Champagne culture. Walking along the prestigious Avenue de Champagne, one cannot help but marvel at the succession of iconic maisons,like Moët & Chandon,Mercier, de Venoge and Perrier-Jouët, each showcasing the epitome of luxury champagne accompanied by their elegant architecture. 

Château Perrier, home to the Champagne Wine and Regional Archaeology Museum, also stands along the emblematic avenue. Within the walls of this opulent residence, set in the heart of a beautifully wooded park, visitors embark on a genuine voyage through time, exploring the history and rich heritage of Champagne wines.

Hautvillers and The Beginning of Champagne

Appointed the birthplace of Champagne, Hautvillers is where the quaint streets and serene vineyards echo with the legacy of Dom Pérignon. The monk of the former Abbey of Saint-Pierre, Dom Pérignon, discovered the secret of making champagne, whose name now symbolizes the global fame of champagne.

Explore the village with the traditional french housing façade and stroll around the picturesque countryside, visit Dom Pérignon’s statue, and soak in breathtaking views of the vineyards that produce some of the world’s finest champagnes. 

Custom Made Champagne Wine Tour Dom Pérignon Statue Hautvillers _Colorful Wines

Unveiling Champagne History  

Next, head to Fleury-la-Rivière to explore La Cave aux Coquillages which showcases a fascinating link to paleontology. Forty-five million years ago, this region was a tropical shoreline, preserving a wealth of marine fossils. La Cave aux Coquillages offers an underground journey through these ancient sands while indulging in the savoir-faire of champagne. 

Champagne Marc on the other hand Adding to the village’s allure is Champagne Marc, renowned for its subtlety and creativity. This esteemed house crafts unique sparkling wines that reflect the region’s distinctiveness. Visitors can explore the domain and witness the meticulous process behind their celebrated champagne.

Cormoyeux and their  Vignerons

In Cormoyeux, amidst scenic vineyards, you’ll discover a community of dedicated vignerons – small champagne producers – committed to upholding a tradition of excellence in winemaking. With dedication and intimacy, you can delve into the craft of experienced french champagne growers.  

A short drive away is Champagne Mondet, a family-owned winery known for its warmth and dedication. Guided tours through their vineyards provide insights into their meticulous champagne-making process, concluding with a tasting of their exceptional varieties.

Indulge in Exclusive Champagne Experiences

Crafting your perfect Champagne experience is our specialty. Contact us now to embark on a tailored two-day adventure through Champagne, where each moment—from curated tastings and gourmet meals to scenic drives through breathtaking landscapes—promises to be a celebration of elegance and taste. Let us guide you through this enchanting region in a custom made Champagne Tour, uncovering hidden gems and exclusive experiences that define its magic.


  • Tailored Luxury and custom-made wine trip
  • Routes through Emblematic Champagne Houses
  • Combined with visits to small vignerons
  • Heritage and Historic Visits across the Region
  • Exclusive and genuine Champagne experiences
  • Breathtaking Vineyard Landscapes
  • Curated ChampagneTastings and Gourmet Meals

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